What diversity skills might Ligua work on developing to help her with these conflicts?

Study Cases

I will provide the book that you should read it to answer the three cases studies later

Case study one:

  1. If Ligua wants to be successful, does she have to buy into a work culture that values independence and individual accomplishments? Explain.
  2. How could the work setting be changed to accommodate individuals who may feel more comfortable in a group-oriented atmosphere?
  3. What diversity skills might Ligua work on developing to help her with these conflicts? Explain.

Case study two:

  1. If you were in Mary’s situation, how would you view the class and the professor?
  2. If you were in Mary’s situation, what would you say to your classmates who you feel are being unfair to the professor?
  3. Which diversity skills do Mary’s classmates need to develop in order to be more successful in this class? Explain

Case study three:

  1. Do you think Michael should approve Dennis’s request? Can this request be justi-fied given company policy?
  2. If Dennis is allowed to do this, should the company treat all other employees who have a very close friend the same?
  3. Dealing with Dennis’s request will require Michael to use a number of diversity skills. In this situation, which of Michael’s diversity skills do you think will be the most critical? Why?


Subject: English



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