What does the gene have to do with the disease? How is it related to the molecular features or characteristics (phenotype)?

Writing Assignment 3 (WA3)

Broad overview of D. melanogaster as a model organism emphasizing the particular biological processes involved with your mutation/gene function.
Introduce the candidate gene; how it was discovered or how a possible mutant was identified or isolated; discuss at least 2 other related genes. (Total 5)
Elaborate on the basic biological/molecular processes involved with the mutant gene function.
Section subtotal points 15
Describes how flies were manipulated (flylab.org)
Explains how crosses were conducted.
Explains how phenotypes were scored and discusses how statistical analyses were performed.
Describe how relevant equipment and materials were used.(flylab.org)
Section subtotal points 15
Describes the genetic basis and rationale for WT1 and WT2.
Describes the outcome of for WT1 and WT2; a graphic figure showing chromosomal outcomes (chromosomal chart).
Describes the genetic basis, outcome and rationale for allelic cross (WTM1 and 2), mapping cross, and WTC of all crosses used in WA2.
Must have a table with phenotypic classes and Chi-square analysis where appropriate and a graphic figure showing chromosomal outcomes.
Section subtotal points 35
Brief discussion and conclusion of what the data suggests.
Section subtotal points 20
List references you have at this time using formatting from Genetics Journal (or specified by your TA). You should have a minimum of 6 to 10 references, maybe more.
Section subtotal points 15
Include figures that you have ready thus far. Make sure to include a properly formatted legend.
1.Figure from WA1
2.Allelic Inheritance Tables (WTM1 and 2) (WA2)
3.Mapping Cross Tables (WA2)
4.Chromosome Map(s) (WA2) – If applicable due to TA instruction
5.Chromosome Drawing for Allelic Inheritance (WTM1 and 2 ) (WA2) – If applicable due to TA instruction
6.Chromosome Drawing for Mapping (3) (WA2)
Section subtotal points 25
Total Points 125

Helpful Writing Points (These DO NOT HAVE TO BE INCLUDED. These are tips):

What are the molecular features or characteristics of your disease?

What does the gene have to do with the disease? How is it related to the molecular features or characteristics (phenotype)?

What, if any, is the mechanism of disease?

What does you gene do in humans? Other insects?

Why is D. melanogastera good model organism for research into this disease? Are other insects/animals better?

What does your gene do in normal fly tissues? Homologues?

Who discovered the mutation? Gene?

How does the gene lead to a phenotype on a molecular level?

How does this research help scientific understanding and human health?

Figures (Specifics):

  1. WA2 Final Figure, needs to be included. This figure should contain the legend and supporting conclusion.
    1. Chromosome location map or drawing, also from WA2
  2. Picture of Flies from WA1. Please include the figure legend and any supporting language in the text.
  3. Chromosomal drawing for allelic inheritance crosses and/or a Punnett square.
  4. Table for allelic inheritance crosses with scoring.
  5. Chi-Square table for mapping crosses.

I will provide the chi square, cross number, and previous research information! Please help


Subject: Biology



Hi, this is all the information I have completed from my WA1 (researching about the gene), and WA2 (crossing performance). I need to currently working on WA3, which is a combination of Wa1 and Wa2 –  files attached




My TA just updated the outline for writing, I think this would help.  the paper will have a max of 15-page long with the content, the figures will not be counted to that 15 pages.

–  see outline attached

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