What is an Argument?

After reading the “Classic and Rogerian Arguments” material, define the term argument in your own words and describe your own style of argument. Then, compare and contrast your style with at least one additional argumentative strategy and/or rhetorical ploy. Refer to this week’s readings and materials to inform your assertions. Will your current style of argument be effective in an academic setting? Which strategy would be most effective and relevant for this class? Your initial post must be 200 to 300 words in lengthWilson, J. (2013). Classic and Rogerian arguments. College of Liberal Arts, Ashford University, Clinton, IA.




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According to me, an argument is a process of giving good reasons why you support or oppose something. Some people usually fail to differentiate a quarrel and an argument. This is because they fail to understand that the world is run by arguments, as laws are usually made through arguments during national debates. In arguments, every person is right until a comprehensive reason is given to invalidate the person’s argument. Therefore, a person should …

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