What is Collaboration?

What is Collaboration?

What is Collaboration?

As you just learned from completing the Collaboration in Inclusive Settings Hangman Interaction interactivity above, having strong collaboration skills is important when working with exceptional learners. The stronger your skills are in this area, the more successful you will be at meeting the needs of the children you are supporting. In this discussion you will explore some common collaboration strategies that you will likely use in your educational career working with exceptional learners.

To prepare for this discussion,

  • Strengthening Collaboration Between Schools and Families
  • Building Relationships and Trust
  • Supporting Collaboration Through Active Listening
  • Resolving Differences Through Collaboration
  • Collaborating for Smooth Transitions
  • Solution-Focused Collaboration

In your post,

  • Put the two strategies you chose in the title of your post.
  • Explain how the ideas of critically reflective practitioner, collaborative teaming, and communication strategies align with the two strategies you are discussing.
  • Describe how you will work with your colleagues to bring these strategies to life.
  • Summarize how you will you use these ideas in your future work in inclusive environments. For example, if you are obtaining your degree in Library Science, you would include how you will use these strategies within the library setting.

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Strengthening Collaboration between Schools and Families

Parents can be a valuable resource to the teachers for all children including those with disabilities. The role of the parents in this collaboration is to provide the teachers with vital information about their children including what might work best in the process of learning and creating positive behavior. The involvement of parents in the education process of their children………….

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