What is philosophy?

the book Robert Solomon, Clancy Martin, Kathleen Higgins, Introducing Philosophy : A Text with Integrated Readings
what is philosophy?
plato, from the apology 13
karl Jaspers, from ‘ the Axial Period ‘ 14
laozi, from Dao De Jing 15
Reaction Essays: You will write 3 reaction essays in this course. Each reaction essay should be about 400 – 600 words in length. The purpose of writing a reaction essay is to ensure that you are engaging with what is going on in the course regularly, either (1) by briefly explaining and reacting to something that is in the course readings, or (2) by briefly explaining and reacting to something that came up during a discussion in class.


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Philosophy entails that study of fundamental of human beings existence of earth and how they relate with their existence. Philosophy covers ideas about the nature of human beings and the reality that they live in. Some observers argue that philosophy is a guide to people’ lives. This is because of the fact that it addresses issues that are pervasive and basic to human life. At the same time, it determines the course that people take in their lives and how they relate and treat other people that they come across. The topics of philosophy usually fall under different categories but their main purpose is the same (Von 1990)  …

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