What is poverty? What does it mean to be poor? What does it look like?

Discussion Response

What is poverty? What does it mean to be poor? What does it look like?

Is being poor in the US the same as in other countries?

How much poverty is there in the world?

Why is poverty bad?

The purpose of this module is to examine the global distribution of poverty and inequality.

By the end of this module, you will be able to:

  • 2.1: Define the types of poverty and inequality.
  • 2.2: Identify the main ways that poverty and inequality are measured.
  • 2.3: Differentiate between the Third World, developing countries, and the Global South.
  • 2.4: Describe the consequences and effects of poverty.
  • For this module there is:1 PowerPoint lecture to enjoy (mp3) , 1 article to read , 3 websites to explore , 2 videos to watch

Next, read this article on poverty. Focus on the first few sections (extent and trends of extreme poverty; historical perspective; demographics of extreme poverty) and browse or skim the rest based on your interest. The first half covers the most important information. The rest of it is also interesting, and includes good details and interesting material on the use of satellite photography at night to study poverty.

Then, explore these three websites:

Dollar street

Finally, watch these two videos:

  • Video 1 – Zewdu in Ethiopia
    • Zewdu the Street Child (11.38 minutes)
    • will upload the link
  • Video 2 – Meherunnesa in Bangladesh

Respond to the following discussion prompts in a post of at least 650 words:

  • Describe your reaction to the two films. What was relatable about the characters? What was not?
  • What is your main takeaway from this week’s reading (Roser, 2018)? Which of the six types of poverty presented do you think is more important to study and alleviate? Choose one, paraphrase how it is defined and measured, and explain why you think it is the most important to alleviate.
  • Give an example of this type of poverty that you have experienced or witnessed in your professional life.

This discussion requires two posts, an initial post and two response post. Later in the day will need to respond to two other posting. 100 words each so a total of 200 in responses to two other students. Total of 650- 750 words in discussion post, reference not included in the word counting. I will upload the required pdfs

Part 2: Self-Reflective Journal and choose Choosing a Country to Profile

Choose a country in the world that you want to study for the rest of this course (you will complete future assignments in the coming weeks). It can be any country except for the U.S. or Indonesia. It can be somewhere that you are already familiar with, or that you are curious about, or that you have zero previous knowledge of at all.

  1. Write a journal entrythat tells me which country you are selecting and your reasons for choosing this country. Identify whether your country is among the:

Maybe a country like Ethiopia, Namibia, Zambia or Tanzania prefer an African country.

  • First, Second, or Third World?
  • Developed or developing countries?
  • Global North of Global South?

450-500 words total for the journal

Grading rubric for self-review

Amount of information

-All assignment prompts are addressed with additional relevant information added.

Quality of Information

-All of the evidence and examples are specific, relevant and explanations are given that show how each piece of evidence supports the author’s position


-Author makes no errors in grammar or spelling that distract the reader from the content.


Subject:  Masters Social Science


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