What special skills or knowledge would be necessary for success in this public relations situation?

Walmart Case Analysis

Public Relations Case Analysis:

For this Public Relations Case Analysis, please write the crisis about :

Woman Goes Viral After She Quits Her Job at Walmart Using the Store Loudspeaker

Here is the link for one news coverage about this crisis: https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/359326

You can refer to this article, and feel free to check out others

You will describe this crisis and analysis of how Walmart responded and handled this case. Did Walmart handles the situation well or not? If you were their PR person, how would you address this crisis?

The paper should be 12-point Times New Roman and double spaced. Use APA style cite any sources you used. There is no minimum or maximum page requirement, but 6 pages is good. Take as much space as you need to thoroughly respond to each section. Please include these elements:

Brief Organization Overview

  • Short description of the organization/entity/individual
  • Brief history
  • Type of business/service (size, profit v. nonprofit, new v. established, etc.)
  • Organizational culture: formal, informal
  • Mission statement
  • Annual reports (info relevant to the case)
  • Other relevant observations

Problem or Opportunity

Explain the problem or opportunity.


What happened and when?


  • Who are the publics in this case? List external and internal.
  • Who are the individuals involved?
  • What did they do?
  • Who is directly affected by the actions of the organization? Who is potentially affected indirectly?


  • To the best of your knowledge, how well did the public relations practitioners handle the situation?
  • What would you have done in the situation?
  • What was the public response?

Practitioner Takeaways

  • What special skills or knowledge would be necessary for success in this public relations situation?
  • How might the timing of the organizational response affect the outcome?
  • What groups require special attention, if any? (media, investors, customers, etc.)

Ethical and Legal Considerations

  • If you were the respondent, would you be comfortable with your actions or inactions?
  • Can someone be harmed by your actions or inactions?
  • Can you justify your decision publicly for valid, logical reasons?


Subject: Communications


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