What theory have you selected for this paper? Discuss the basic assumption of this theory.

Family Emotional Systems Theory

Mezzo Theory Application Paper Instructions
Introduction: What theory have you selected for this paper? Discuss the basic assumption of this theory.Name and define the two concepts from the theory that you will use in this paper? What family problem(s) will you analyze using this theory?

Write a brief opening statement that gives the reader a clear, cogent, and concise presentation of the theory and two of the family system concepts that you have chosen to explain a problematical family situation from the Rodriguez Family Case. (1/2 page)

Theory: Discuss the two theoretical concepts you have selected for this paper. Include in your discussion scholarship from professional literature on these concepts.

Write a robust discussion of the theoretical concepts, including: 1) the definition and analysis of the concepts; and 2) a minimum of four scholarly references that support your discussion. Your references should be independently located apart for your required readings. Acceptable literature consists of peer-reviewed journal articles, chapters from scholarly books, professional literature, and government publications. (2 pages)

Application: Discuss the connection between the problem situation you have identified in the Introduction and the family system concepts.

Write a robust discussion of the case that 1) explains the identified problem situation according to the concepts; and 2) uses the case information to demonstrate the meaning of the concepts.Omit any discussion of practice interventions. (1.5 pages).

Summary: Write one paragraph that connects the basic assumption of the theory, the two concepts, and the explanation of the family problem situation. (One paragraph)
Social Work Perspective: Discuss how the theory or concepts do or do not address the strengths-based perspective (capacities, resources and assets) as well as the person-in-environment perspective that characterizes professional social work (the transactions between persons and their social context. (1/2 page)
Organization, clarity, and demonstration of well-development sentences and paragraphs

Use of correct grammar and spelling; no writing errors

Minimum of four references beyond required readings from this or other courses

Correct application of APA 6th edition citations, references, and formatting


Subject:  Masters Social Science

The Theory that I will talk about is called Family Emotional Systems Theory

I’ve attached reading and power point to further assist you on this Family Emotional Systems Theory Paper.

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