Why Duke University?

Why Duke University?

Customer: Can you add some specific things about Duke? Like you did on my Northwestern question.

I felt like it is too general. It did not respond to the question “Is there something particular about Duke that attracts you?”

Fix this asap

Answer preview………..

The decision to select Duke University as the preferred institution for my sociology major was not only based on its reputation as a top-tier school with several opportunities for the pursuit of an advanced degree but the opportunity to part of the ‘Duke Experience ‘. As an international student currently studying law at undergraduate level, it is my firm belief that a sociology degree from this institution is the right academic foundation for a postgraduate degree in the law. Furthermore, the highly qualified and experienced faculty reputed for their world-class publications would in addition to changing my life give me a chance to become a member of any of the scholarly societies including Baldwin and Cardea Fellows. I am fully prepared both and academically and mentally to transit from a foreign educational system and culture to a fast-…..

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