Why Duke University?

Why Duke University?

Please discuss why you consider Duke a good match for you. Is there something particular about Duke that attracts you? (Please limit your response to no more than 150 words.)

I liked your work last time. This one is similar, just shorter. You may only touch to some important points. You cannot go detailedly as you understand. I re-wrote my requirements belove.

It is an admission essay for Duke University. I was college student in Turkey and I am applying to Duke as a international transfer student for sociology major. I was studying law in Turkey(Law is undergraduate study there) and I have also done advanced mathematics studies in middle and high school. With those experiences, I would be successfull especially in quantitative studies of sociology. I intend to attend law school after college. I also know French at intermediate level.

I need you to do a research a bit about Duke and write both in terms of academics or values and atmosphere. There is word limit of 150 but you can write up to 170-180. I will handle the redundancy. You can have a look at the mission statement of the university, mention the diversity and respect etc. Also, looking for some undergraduate research or intern oppurtunities might be good. And you may refer to one or two professor that expertise in my interest areas.

Answer preview………..

The decision to select Duke University as the preferred institution for my sociology major was not only based on its reputation as a top-tier school with several opportunities for the pursuit of an advanced degree but its focus on faculty-student interaction. As an international student currently studying law at undergraduate level, it is my firm belief that a sociology degree from this institution is the right academic foundation for a postgraduate degree in the law. Furthermore, the highly qualified and experienced faculty reputed for their world-class publications on various subjects in the discipline including ethnic, cultural, and globalization among others would provide the right environment to develop my innate skills and competencies. I am fully prepared both and academically and mentally to transit from a foreign….

 APA 215 words

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