Why Employees Stay

Why Employees Stay

Read pp. 13–22 of the SHRM report on Retaining Talent (pp. 2–11 of the report).

Consider your current job or one you used to hold. To what extent did you experience the three types of connections that foster “embeddedness” described in the report: links, fit, and sacrifice? How did your experience influence your longevity with the organization?

Include at least one citation and reference in your initial post and respond to at least two of your classmates’ posts.

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ref and cite the report
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I choose to stay in my current job because of the connections that I have developed in and out of the organization. Therefore, I am embedded in the job because of the links that I have established so far, I feel fit to be in the working environment and the community around, and the value that the job gives me (Allen, 2008). I have many links in the organization and the community. I have an excellent working relationship with my colleagues, and it is depicted by our idea-sharing moments. We have all developed a teamwork culture that enhances our performance and growth holistically. The working relationship has also helped us to build and maintain trust. I believe that leaving the organization would be problematic an inconveniencing because forming a strong bond with colleagues proves to be difficult when one joins a new organization (Allen, 2008)…………

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