Will Writing and its Components

Will Writing and its Components

1. Differentiate Per Stirpes distribution from Per Capita distribution. How do ademptions differ from abatements?

2. What are the parameters of a holographic will? How does a holographic will differ from a nuncupative will?

3. How might a validly executed will be revoked? What means are available to change or modify a will? When, if ever, is a will irrevocable?

4. Is there a recognized right to die within any of the states? What distinguishes euthanasia from physician-assisted suicide?

5. What distinctions exist between the specific gifts, general gifts, and residuary gifts?

6. What are the essential elements of the creation of a valid will? Must every valid will have witnesses?

7. What are the formal names of gifts of real property and personal property named in a will? Must a beneficiary accept a gift by will?

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Question one

Per stirpes is where the beneficiaries of some inherited property have the closest familial relationship to those of the testator and share the assets of the decedents equally whereas Per Capita is where the beneficiaries share the distribution of the assets based on the number of beneficiaries at the time of the decedent’s death……..

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