Womens Health

Womens Health

Vulnerability may arise from individual, community, or larger population challenges and requires different types of policy interventions—from social and economic development of neighborhoods and communities, and educational and income policies, to individual medical interventions. Values affect how society views the vulnerable—as victims or sinners—and thus whether or not to provide public assistance. There are programs available to help vulnerable populations gain access to opportunities that support their full participation in society. Each provides a dedicated source of financial and technical assistance for projects and activities in their respective programming areas.

Explore federal agencies that are concerned with Women’s Health. Which ones may be of benefit to vulnerable populations? Explore nonprofit agencies that are concerned with Women’s Health. Share resources aimed to benefit women in your state or area

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refs and cite, u can just use the websites were u get info, and reference them in full in APA, and include links

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Since the emergence of global HIV pandemic women is disproportionately affected in various regions. Contemporarily, women constitute more than half the total population of people living with HIV.  Diseases related to HIV remain one of the leading causes of death among women.  Young women and teenage girls contribute the largest percentage of disproportionate……………..

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