World Migration in the Age of Globalization

World Migration in the Age of Globalization


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Introduction. One of the positive impacts of the numerous advancements in technology on the human race is the elimination of the geographical boundaries that restricted the movement of goods, services, and people. It was a phenomenon that altered the essence of international migrant and the overall movement of both low and high-skilled labor potentials as ideas became more global than local. Although migration is a concept that has been used by humans for the establishment and integration of societies and cultural practices, as well as religious values and commercial systems, the concept was altered with the increased emphasis on globalization. However, globalization is a phenomenon that did not just emerge out of the blues because the precedent for its adoption as the socioeconomic and political strategies for harnessing and maximizing the potentials of nations is migration.As noted earlier, the international movement of people, goods, services, and the factors of economic production influenced the inventions and innovations that resulted in the technology. Therefore, the perceived threat of globalization is not only unnecessary but one that demands a………….

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