write a 10 pages of small business plan, double-spaced using a 12 font APA

write a 10 pages of small business plan, double-spaced using a 12 font APA

Small Business Idea: Tour operator ( whose target market is small group like students not complex so that you have enough time to complete a comprehensive business plan. )

  • Use the “Checklist for a Small Business Plan” as your template. Each major section of the Business Plan checklist provides you with questions you need to answer and explore in order to effectively complete the Business Plan for your idea.


  • To view completed business plan examples, read Appendix 4B for 1) The Sock Hop and 2) Quality Cuts.To ensure that you cover all the required areas for your business plan, I suggest that you use the major category areas presented in the Checklist and answer the questions found under each major category. Type in the category heading and then each question under the category and fill in your information under each question as it applies to your business plan.


  • This business plan be able to complete the plan within 10 pages including charts and graphs.All plans are to be typed, double-spaced using a 12 font.A cover sheet must be attached to all reports.




management  small business plan


Answer Preview…………….

The tourism industry growth is tremendous, and this creates the opportunities for growth for different companies. Skylight tours operators focus on tour demand among students, and this will contribute to the growth of the company as the focus is on meeting the standards that the consumers require. The objective of the company is to focus on the opportunities in the market, and this creates the need to penetrate the markets and issues the clients with the best alternatives……………………..

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