Write 2 pages executive summary for the report

Write 2 pages executive summary for the report

Executive Summary (2 pages)

  • Summarizes the entire report and places a strong emphasis on findings and recommendations.
  • Should cover: background analysis; overall research purpose, specific research questions addresses; research methods and procedures used; your major findings and your recommendations.

I already attach the report, write a executive summary for this report, this is part of the summary.

Answer Preview…………….

The Autism Research Institute is important as it helps in the creation of awareness on autism. It has created the need to focus on data research and this guides the application of the data on the treatment of the students with Down syndrome. The challenges that psychiatrist continue to face is lack of reliable data and this means that with the initiatives of the institution, there is focus on the application of the changes and the use of the data ion helping to increase the awareness on autism. The spending according to the budgets of ARI is to ensure there is increase…………….

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