Write a 3 page Grade Justification for English class

Write a 3 page Grade Justification for English class

Please read the requirement clearly, Thank you very much.

PROMPT: In 2-3 double-spaced typed pages (750-1,000 words) persuade your instructor in a thesis-driven argument that you deserve an “A” in English 100 class.

Backstory: Everyone wants to pass this class. Most of you want to pass this class with an “A”. I don’t blame you, but such a grade must be earned. Did you earn it? How so? Convince me. Let’s say you didn’t; you know you didn’t. Convince me otherwise. Be smart and resourceful. Think about all we have learned in this class and put it into practice right here in this essay. Show me that you have earned it.

This brings to light a few questions this essay should address:

What does it mean to earn an “A”?

What did we learn in this class? Have you mastered it? Show me; don’t just tell me you did. Demonstrate your ability to think, reason, argue, and write grammatically-correct persuasive arguments, complete with a counterargument, and keeping the audience in mind. Don’t bore me with what you think I want to hear. Be creative. Be sophisticated. Be amazing. Shine!

How much should the points you earned be taken into consideration? Here is the breakdown of the grading as stated on the syllabus:

Weekly Work Online………………….60% (10% every week)


Was there any grade you got that you felt was unfair? Why was it unfair? What grade should it have been? How would that then affect your overall grade in class?

How much should “effort” be taken into account versus “skills” acquired and demonstrated? Think about the Course Objectives for this class:

Course Objectives: At the end of this class, you should be able to do the following:

1.Research and report information relevant to the essay topic, investigating a variety of media, and cite sources in MLA format

2.Critically assess assumptions, your own and sources’, underlying the research materials

3.Analyze and select information to support your thesis statement

4.Synthesize research and your own ideas to draft an effective argument

5.Distinguish between fact and opinion in evaluating source materials

6.Recognize common fallacies of logic which might weaken an argument

7.Write a clear, coherent, well-developed argumentative essay adhering to MLA format

8.Participate in class debates and discussions

9.Organize, research, and write a significant research paper, citing primary and secondary sources in MLA format, based on a central thesis statement and critical thinking about the relevant issues.

Did the instructor meet the Course Objectives in the material presented – reading & course material, writing, and assignments? Consider how this may impact how you should be graded.

Ultimately, as your instructor, I reserve the right to determine final grades. I will absolutely honor the syllabus and the Course Objectives for this course; however how well you persuade me in this essay could positively impact your grade some, or even considerably. This essay will NOT negatively impact the grade you have in this class prior to writing this essay. I will grade this essay based on the same criteria as I have graded the previous three essays when it comes to its meeting the effectiveness of a persuasive argument. So, the score you get on this will have some impact on your overall grade (it is worth 10%).

Format: Essays should be typed and saved as a Microsoft Word Document (.doc) file, and they will be graded according to three general criteria: adherence to the assignment, quality of content, and skill of English usage. Every essay should be in MLA format: double-spaced—including the title and your setup information (name, course, instructor, date)—and have 1-inch margins all around.

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