write a 10 page paper in APA format with citations talking about how COVID has or hasn’t affected globalization

COVID-19 and Globalization

Hello, so the paper I have today has a few things that it needs. Firstly, I need it in an APA format. Any and all citations must be included, and the paper needs to be 10 pages long. This does not include the cover page, but as long as it hits the 10 page mark, that’s perfect. As long as the paper itself is in APA format alongside the citations, that would be perfect as well.

What the bulk of the paper needs to be is in relation to “Globalization.” I essentially need you to write about how some current events are related to Globalization. I would prefer if the current events have to do with COVID, as mainly that’s what I recommend and essentially need. It could be a neutral paper, but I’m on the side that COVID is real and threatening, and that people should wear masks in order to stop spreading something dangerous between each other. Find something that follows this philosophy and that has to do with Globalization.

I know it sounds complicated, but if you have any other questions, I would be more than happy to answer them. In short, write a 10 page paper in APA format with citations talking about how COVID has or hasn’t affected globalization, or has had anything to do with globalization recently, while keeping in mind that it is real and threatening. That’s it, and thank you in advance!


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I know what I wrote may sound complicated, but if you have any questions, just message me and I’ll be sure to clear it up. It’s mainly about comparing how Globalization goes hand in hand with COVID. Like how has COVID affected globalization or how it has anything to do with it. You need to take a side whether COVID is good or bad for Globalization. I feel like I should’ve mentioned that beforehand. In my case, I believe COVID is serious and bad, but that’s just my opinion, topic aside.




Yeah, this is basically a research paper. Sorry for being confusing. The directions weren’t explained all that well to me, and I’m just writing what I understood from it.

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