Write a paper on Motivation in the Workplace

Write a paper on Motivation in the Workplace

After reviewing the Final Project directions, propose a topic for your Final Project by
posting the topic title and information outlined below to the discussion forum. You
will be required to create a new thread for your submission.
Click  here  to access the final project instructions.
While this topic approval is worth just 25 points, it's critical that you complete this
and get your instructor's approval before proceeding with your research.
In this proposal, use the standard Ashworth College format typed directly into the
forum thread description space, and include the following information:
 Project Title
 A short bio of yourself, or a link to your LinkedIn profile (if you have one)
 Why you chose the topic (one paragraph, maximum)
 Other topics you are considering, if any
If you are having difficulty coming up with a topic, look through the learning Submit your complete assignment
outcomes for each
module in this course; these could be a good starting point for ideas. And always
remember that you can email your professor for some assistance.

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