Write a paper on the State Judicial Selection Systems

Write a paper on the State Judicial Selection Systems

Homework Assignment 1: State Judicial Selection Systems:
There are multiple parts of this assignment. Make sure that you answer all parts of the
Part I: Preparation
1) Read the 3 fact sheets about Judicial Selection.
a) Go to https://www.brennancenter.org/rethinking-judicial-selection/significant-figures
b) Read the following article in which judges comment on different types of judicial selection
systems. https://www.judges.org/age-old-question-judges-appointed-elected-heres-said/

Part II: Go to http://judicialselectionmap.brennancenter.org/?court=Supreme
See the middle box where you can choose the type of court. Change back and forth between
State Supreme Courts and Trial Courts. Make sure that you scroll to the bottom for more
a) Answer the following questions: Click on Texas. What kind of selection system does Texas
use for State Supreme Courts and Trial Courts?
b) Choose 3 additional high population states (from California, Florida, New York, and
Pennsylvania): Explain how they are alike or differ from Texas in their judicial selection
systems. Make sure that you fully explain each of the 3 states’ trial courts as well as each of the
3 states’ supreme courts. (Make sure that you are looking at the state courts not federal
c) What does Hawaii do differently in choosing judges at the trial court and supreme court

Part III: Podcast: Listen to the first 22 minutes. Answer the questions below. You may use
additional online resources to answer the questions but make sure that you cite your sources. I
have provided 2 different websites for you to access this podcast. You only need to access the
podcast from one of them.
The Weeds: Can we get tough on rapists without being “tough on crime”


1) What does it mean to “recall” an elected official?

2) What is the strongest argument for recalling the judge in this case? What is the
strongest argument against recalling him?
3) Should the public have the power to recall judges? What is a pro and con of having
recall elections?
4) What message do you think this case (the conviction, punishment, and recall) sends to a)
young men, b) victims of sexual assault, and c) judges who hear these kinds of cases?
5) If you were an elected judge, would you feel pressure to be harsher in their sentencing as
election time approached? Explain. What does this mean in terms of justice for defendants?
6) What is judicial discretion and what is its purpose? How much flexibility do you want to give i uploaded all the requirement
judges in sentencing? What are mandatory minimum sentences? If you were a judge, what would you
like and dislike about mandatory minimums?
7) After doing this assignment, what kind of judicial selections system would you choose for
Texas? Explain 2 reasons for your answers.

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