Write a sonnet

Write a sonnet

Write a sonnet in imitation of the English (Shakespearean) sonnet or the Italian (Petrarchan) sonnet. Be careful to observe the meter and the rhyme scheme. It need not be a good poem, but it should at least be technically correct. The subject matter needs to be about summer in “New Mexico” (or summer where you are at the moment)–going to an Isotopes game, hiking in the Sandias, pulling weeds in your vegetable garden, hanging out at a weekend farmer’s market, eating dinner on the patio at El Pinto, anything as long as the subject is summer in New Mexico.

minimum 14 lines poem

use your own words please

thank you


Answer Preview…………….

Summer in “New Mexico”

The best time of the year is with us again don’t turn away.

Summertime with extra temperate:

The winds which blow all the buds of May,…………………..

APA 146 words

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