Write an essay

Write an essay

The paper should about 1800 words. 6 pages

You can only use the lecture notes that I upload , no other information.

Use simple languages to write a clear paper.

Show that you have read all notes.

Use your own words.


Please read the following questions, and write a response of 6 pages. You have to turn in your paper to Turnitin.com via TritonEd.

Explain ve key concepts from Yao (2000).

notes attached

only reference and cite the lectures and the book. lecture titles are the lecture file names . -e.g lecture week 1, lecture week 2

Answer Preview…………….

The book “An Introduction to Confucianism” by Xinzhong Yao presents an overview of the way of life and thus highlights the key concepts of Confucianism. The multidimensional way of life, as presented by the author, has a rich history as well as a deep philosophical meaning in the lives of people who subscribe to it. The book which has five chapters highlights several concepts of Confucianism starting with the very basics of what it is, to the historical perspectives………………

APA 1992 words

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