Write an essay

Write an essay

5 pages (About 1250 words) MLA 8

Please Finish on time.

Read requirements and reading carefully and make sure you have follow it.

You must can use 6 classes reading that I send to you.



The purpose of this essay is to show the professor that you have read these lessons reading carefully and understand them. This is the most important part. So read it well and use in your essay.


In Apocalypse Postponed, Umberto Eco criticizes those whom he calls “the

apocalyptic theorists of mass communications” because, according to Eco, they

give too much power to mass media. Against them, Eco argues that mass media

can never have total power over us because we always have the capacity to fill

in the messages we receive with “ ‘aberrant’ meanings according to [our]

particular cultural codes”.

Respond by:

  1. a) explaining what Eco means by this
  2. b) arguing whether you agree or disagree with Eco.


Be sure to use quotation marks when quoting directly from an author.

  1. a) In text citations must include author’s surname, year, and page number
  2. i) Example when citing verbatim:

According to Bourdieu (1991:45) “blablabla”

  1. ii) Example when paraphrasing an author:

Bourdieu argues that language is a site of power (1991:45)

  1. b) Bibliography:

Your essay must include a bibliography at the end including all the

references cited in the text.

If you are citing from the syllabus, just copy the reference from the syllabus. If

you are using other sources, following the same format.


Bourdieu, Pierre (1991) “The production and reproduction of legitimate language”

from Language and Symbolic Power


We will assess your essay against the following two criteria:

1) Your ability to demonstrate that you have fully read and understood the

texts that you cite.

IMPORTANT!!! Citing one line from a text does NOT count as showing that

you have read and understood a text.

2) The ability to develop a coherent, well-argued, and original critical



1) All quotations from authors should be clearly demarcated using “quotation

marks”. Otherwise it will be treated as plagiarism.

2) Having someone else involved or an online service not employed by the

University – AT ANY EXTENT – in your individual assignment means that you

have failed to fairly and honestly meet the purposes of the assignments and thus,

you have cheated.

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