Write an essay about your discourse community and resources available to researchers in your discipline, with a special focus on those you evaluated for your Annotated Bibliography.

Discipline Awareness Paper


Please read the examples give for the DAP papers, 3 will be provided.

Assignments of DAP 1 and DAP 2 material will be provided to aid in this assignment, it just needs to be put together and added to using the resources and following the instructions

As well as other materials for reference (annotated bibliography, methods, genres, associations, basic values, goals, etc..)

Discipline Awareness Paper

Write an essay of 1,000 words (3 pages) about your discourse community and resources available to researchers in your discipline, with a special focus on those you evaluated for your Annotated Bibliography.

Library instruction and in class assignments will help you gather the following information for the paper:

  1. Basic values, assumptions, or goalsin your discipline.
  2. Current issues or questionsin your field and their significance, including the one that you chose for your own research project.
  3. Important resources in your field: professional associations, discipline-specific databases, peer-reviewed journals, trade publications, and sources of gray literature (government agencies, think tanks, NGOs, international organizations, research institutes)
  4. Most common research methods used in your discipline (both quantitative and qualitative).
  5. Most common genres and writing tasksencountered by students and practitioners in your field (both academic and professional).

Suggestions for Organizing the Discipline Awareness Paper

(DAP-1 prepares you for paragraphs 1 and 2; DAP-2 prepares you for paragraphs 3-4. The remaining paragraphs will be your synthesis of the material).

Paragraph 1 – Introduce your discourse community and the role of your major or concentration within that community. What values and goals do you share? Who is included in this community (include different branches), and how do they generally exchange ideas? This could be a place to bring in your professional association(s) and their conferences or events. What topics are receiving the most attention right now and why? How does your topic of interest fit into the conversation? (You can include more about this in para. 2).

Paragraph 2—Introduce the major sources of information, providing examples of discipline-specific databases, academic journals, trade publications, and institutions or agencies producing gray literature. Provide some description of these sources (not the individual articles for your AB, but the publications where they appear.) When you mention journals, give examples of those that publish articles on a broad range of topics in your field (such as Nature or JAMA) and those that publish articles specifically on your research topic (Reproductive Health Journal).

Paragraph 3—Discuss common research methods in your discipline and types of evidence valued. Remember that all methods can be quantitative or qualitative, depending on how the data is collected, recorded, and interpreted. Identify major theories or schools of thought and key figures associated with them.

Paragraph 4—Discuss writing conventions and genres. What are some common writing tasks encountered by students and professionals in the community? (These may be different.)

Paragraphs 5-7—Discuss the ways that the information in the first 4 paragraphs has guided you in your research so far. Use examples from your Annotated Bibliography. How has it prepared you to “enter the conversation”?

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Here are the documents that have the supporting material that will be used for the DAP


DAP 1 assignment, DAP 2 Assignment, DRAFT for this assignment, a final draft for research interest narrative.


EXAMPLES of DAPs posted by the professor –  attached in folder

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