Write an essay about your personal development plan or your career goals for the five years after you graduate

Personal Development Plan

Topic: Write an essay about your personal development plan or your career goals for the five years after you graduate. You will answer the question: Where do I see my career in five-years after I graduate? What do I want for myself and what will I have achieved in my career after five years out of college?

You will also answer: What will it take for me to make these goals happen? How do I develop or learn the skills I need? What will I have to have completed each year in order to rise to the level I want within five years? Who do I need to build relationships with? What will I need to study?

Summary of What’s Due:

1.A written essay of 520-650 words in MLA format with sources cited, if any.

Research method: Read an article from a scholarly publication and /or news publication, or reputable magazine, or LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Indeed or any other websites pertinent to your major field or occupation/career.

Your Paper:

Your career goals essay should be about 520-650 words and follow MLA format for your paper. You may use multiple sources and should cite each source used. Refer to the MLA formatting and style guide: https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/747/01/


You should begin with a thesis statement. A thesis statement is one sentence that summarizes the entire essay. It is used to introduce and end your essay. It helps the audience remember the overall message of your essay. .It identifies your point of view and narrows your topic. You need to support your thesis statement with at least three main ideas.

Resources to help with writing a career goals essay:

13 Examples of Achievable Career Goals:


Summary of IT Career Goals Essay:


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