Write an essay in which you examine Hemingway’s story “Indian Camp” as a coming-of-age story.

Hemingway’s “Indian Camp”

Write an essay in which you examine Hemingway’s story “Indian Camp” as a coming-of-age story. Include discussions of the ethical issues the story addresses. Support all critical insights with illustrations from the text. Use at least one of the secondary sources provided by the instructor or the TA.

Attached is the story by Hemingway “Indian Camp” and the two critical insight sources.

SOURCES: Use the sources provided by the instructor. If you have located other peer-reviewed article that you would like to use, check with Mallory first. Acknowledge the use properly, using the MLA format. The source should not be used for more than 20 % of the paper.

LENGTH AND FORMAT: 1350-1450 words (MLA format: size 12, double-spaced) plus a Works Cited page


(20) Familiarity with the text: Show that you have read the text carefully by providing focused summaries that show you have paid attention to significant details

(30) Ability to analyze content and craft to produce interpretations that are textually supported and make use of the lexicon specific to each genre

(20) Ability to structure an essay effectively. Pay attention to thesis, conclusion, organizational principle, paragraph development, transitions, and cohesiveness

(10) Ability to integrate textual support and secondary sources adequately

(5) Proper use of secondary source (integration into the argument; adequate citations)

(5) Correct use of MLA format throughout the paper in the Works Cited page

(10) Grammar and mechanics: Papers that contain more than 2 grammatical mistakes (such as sentence fragments, comma splices, subject-verb disagreements, etc) will have points subtracted from the essay’s final grade (3-4 mistakes=5 points; 5-7 mistakes= 10 points, etc.);

–Writing effectiveness: Writing should meet academic standards in terms of diction, grammar, and style. As you revise and edit, eliminate words, phrases, and sentences that do not convey important information or interpretation.


Subject: Literature


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