Write an essay on Global Governance

Write an essay on Global Governance

This is a brief paper, approximately 6 pages double-spaced, that examines an international institution. You will focus on a specific initiative or policy from that institution and analyze what the formulation of that program or policy can tell you about the institution, it’s politics, priorities, place in the global system, and relationship to development. How broad or specific this initiative is will depend on the institution. The goal is to assess how the institution conceptualizes and potentially implements solutions, and what potential outcomes might be, both positive and negative. Sources can be limited to government reports and websites that post policy, but other academic research and analysis articles can be used at well. Each paper is to include critiques of the assigned readings and each must also include at least two additional and related pieces of academic/scholarly literature from outside the course. summarizing each of the 4 readings. The outside sources should be of high quality, carefully selected, and appropriately cited. One goal for this paper should be to demonstrate your knowledge of and interaction with the assigned readings. All papers must be properly cited and formatted, with a reference page in alphabetical order, APA style required

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