Write an essay on Managing Change

Write an essay on Managing Change

The Reflection paper can be completed in 1 of 3 ways.
Due Date: April 27, 2020 (Reflection during class)
1. The Company Men movie – Reflection paper: (500-1000 words)
2. Fun with Dick and Jane movie – Reflection paper: (500-1000 words)

3. Complete one of the following: (500-1000 words). Managing Change paper.

a) Motivation: create your own motivation theory-Why do you think people do
what they do? What do they really want? Why do they work? How can you get
them to work?

b) Leadership: read a book on Leadership and submit a book review.

c) Change: Managing change is the most difficult challenge in management,
especially changes in culture. Why? How would you lead change? What steps
would you take to implement change? How long should the process take? Read
an article, a book, the chapter of a book, or describe a situation with which you
are familiar.

Answer Preview………….

APA 897 words

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