Write an essay on Religion and the relationship between God and Humans

Write an essay on Religion and the relationship between God and Humans

Religion Homework-Outline

I. Main Ideas of the Assigned Readings
A. Going through the sixth chapter, one of the main ideas that emerge is the
relationship between humans and God
B. Another idea that emerges from the sixth chapter is the issue of salvation and
what it means
C. The third idea that arises from the sixth chapter is that sin destroys the
relationship between people and God
D. From the seventh chapter, one of the ideas that emerge is that conflicts occur in
society because of secretes and failing to acknowledge our wrongs
E. The final thought that emerged from chapter seven is that reading the bible allows
us to understand injustices faced in society and condemn them.

II. Two Interesting Things or Further Class Discussion Religion Homework
A. One of the exciting issues picked from this reading and which is recommended
for further class discussion is the argument that many marriages run into trouble
because of the lack of communication between the couple
B. Another outstanding issue picked from the readings and which is recommended
for further calls discussion is the power to name
III. Emerging Questions upon Completing the Readings
A. Most people believe that salvation is about repenting and accepting Jesus as the
savior by an individual. Critics suggest that this is a shallow understanding of
what salvation entails. What is your thinking of what salvation is all about?

B. The knowledge of sin is that it is going against God's will. Does this mean that sin
only applies to those who believe in God, or is it a universal act that applies to
both believers and non-believers?

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