Write an essay on Xavier Hotel 450 Deluxe King Rooms

Write an essay on Xavier Hotel 450 Deluxe King Rooms

The purpose of this project is to gain a realistic understanding of the important aspects of organizing the duties of the housekeeping and engineering departments. HOSP Sustainable Hotel Support Operations. Using classroom
instruction, discussion, activities and research, this project will serve to put the theories into
practice. This project includes skills that employers consider valuable in normal hotel

Xavier Hotel 450 Deluxe King Rooms

Part 1. Checklists, Maintenance Work Orders and Standard Operating Procedures
In this section you will develop the following:
1. SOP for cleaning a guestroom.
Write standard operation procedure for cleaning a guestroom. This SOP would be
utilized to train your staff to ensure that each person is cleaning the room according to
the standards of the property.
Keep in mind the following:
 In this section, use housekeeping/maintenance vocabulary when describing tasks.
 Cover all tasks thoroughly
 Note which staff members will be assigned each task (use titles not individual names)
 Identify work areas clearly

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