Write an essay paper on Artworks and Culture Wars

Write an essay paper on Artworks and Culture Wars

Post your reply to the midterm essay question here. Do not do outside research. Use
only resources assigned in this course.
Essay question: Two prompts available. Answer only one. 300-450 words in length only
(slightly shorter than the Reaction Paper minimum length). Answers should include at
least two citations to assigned reading in this course. Citations may be parenthetical or
footnotes, but they must include the name of the author and a page number. 40 points
A. Examine the two images below and explain how they helped cause controversy in the
culture wars. Your answer should identify the art by artist and title (if possible) and also
define the basic idea of the culture wars, including how these particular images sparked a

B. This course focuses on divided culture. Explain why artwork that challenges traditional
views regarding sexuality, the body, or gender roles has sparked several culture war
battles. Artworks and Culture Wars

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APA 540 words

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