Write a Compare & Contrast essay

1)    “The Library Card” by Richard Wright and the videotaped speech “How Books Can Open Your Mind” by Lisa Bu.

Possible points to compare: the power they associate with books, the influence of their background or upbringing, the emotions they associate with reading.


Make sure you can break your subjects down into at least 3 different points of comparison.

Use specific evidence/examples from the text and speech to illustrate your interpretation.  Use at least three quotations from each source (text and speech) in your essay.

Use in-text (parenthetical) citation to cite your evidence.  A Works Cited page is also required for this assignment, but the only sources should be the two items you are comparing.  You must not do research or consult websites.

This is NOT a personal essay. Do not use “I”.

Craft a strong interpretive thesis statement.  In other words, make sure you are using your comparison to help understand each subject better and draw a larger conclusion than “they are similar in some ways and different in others.”  Think about why it is interesting to examine the works side-by-side.


Follow the same format as always: Please type (double spaced).  Use 12-Point Times New Roman font.  Insert page numbers in the top right corner.  Put your name, the assignment name, and the date in the top left corner.


PLAN AHEAD, as these items are due soon after Spring Break! Tutoring at CLAS is strongly encouraged.  Call617-573-8235 or stop by to schedule your appointment ahead of time.


Detailed outline and at least a partial draft (intro and one or two body paragraphs) due in class Wed. 3/19

For the outline, remember:

–make sure the structure is clear.  Use subject-by-subject, point-by-point, or mixed.

–Include specific details and quotations you plan to use to conduct your analysis.





preview of the answer..

Richard Wright a Negro writer has many articles written throughout his lifetime. An example is “The Library Card” which will form the topic of discussion in this discourse. However, we are going to compare and contrast another video speech by the name “How Books Can Open Your Mind” by Lisa Bu. She is a passionate reader who has built a career by aiding readers to get great stories to listen to.

866 words APA

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