write two pages about one of these topics

write two pages about one of these topics

  1. Humanism and Architecture
  2. Mannerism
  3. Renaissance Decorative Techniques
  4. Renaissance Chairs
  5. Grotesques
  6. Penshurst
  7. Compare: Early Christian, Byzantine and


  1. Palazzo del Te
  2. Palladio’s Villas
  3. Santa Maria del Fiore
  4. St. Denis
  5. Compare: Brunelleschi and Palladio
  6. Compare: Early, High, Late Italian


  1. Italian Renaissance Palazzos
  2. Compare English Gothic Cathedrals and

French Gothic Cathedrals

The format is as follows:

2 pages MAX for each topic.




Explanations IN YOUR OWN WORDS. Plagiarism (copy and paste) will result in the entire

assignment being thrown out and possible academic action.


APA 6 format


Citations properly formatted (lectures, outside sources NO Wikipedia)


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