Writing Assignment 3

> Must be 100% original, Must pass plagiarism, Must have citations, Must have
> references, Must be in APA format

> *Resource: *Overview of Information Systems and Technology Paper assignment

> from Week One (I have attached the paper)

> *Review *the information selected for the Overview of Information Systems

> and Technology Paper assignment from Week One.

> *Explore *your system’s vulnerabilities, and address the nature of

> potential internal and external threats and natural or unintended events
> that may jeopardize it.

> *Determine *what levels of security are appropriate to secure the

> information system while allowing a maximum amount of uninterrupted
> workflow.

> *Write *a 5 page paper (300 words) that describes principles of risk

> management as they pertain to the chosen system and its associated
> technology.

> *Format *your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

> include four credible references and subtitles

preview of the answer..

Risk management is described as a process of identifying, analyzing, and mitigating uncertainties when making investment decisions. Although an organization can undertake the risk management process at any time, it is recommended that the process should be started after potential losses of a given investment have been analyzed and quantified. In addition, some businesses engage in risk management in an effort to monitor, control, and prevent risks that …

1564 words APA

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