writing an essay, three pages

writing an essay, three pages

Final Exam: The Subversive City

Introduction to Urban Studies (PPD 4)

Students are required to answer one of the following two options. Answers should be  three pages long (double space, 12-point font, 1 inch margins). It is worth 100 points. You are expected to use as many assigned readings as possible to support your answers. We are assessing you on your knowledge of course materials (lectures, assigned readings, movies). Most citation formats (MLA, APA, ….) are acceptable as long as they are used consistently. Submit in Word or PDF format only. Do not submit in Pages format.


10 points will be deducted for papers turned in within 24 hours after the deadline. Essays will not be accepted more than 24 hours after the deadline. Submit your papers at least two hours before the official deadline. This will help prevent last minute glitches. Do not request an extension unless you can provide proof (e.g. medical note) of an emergency.

Do not exceed the page limit. TA’s will stop reading papers at the end of page three.

Your answers must be written in a standard essay format consisting of a short introduction, supporting paragraphs, and a short conclusion. The essay must address the different parts of the general prompt. Good luck!

Option 1: Politically Subversive Cities

This quarter has focused on the qualities that make cities unique environments. While these environments are riven with inequalities and problems, they also facilitate the formation of contentious and subversive political groups.

  1. What are some of the general socioeconomic factors that spurred urban mobilizations over the past 25 years? How did these general factors play out in Los Angeles?
  2. What qualities make cities particularly good environments for nourishing subversive political relations and movements? How did this play out in Los Angeles?
  3. How have these mobilizations changed Los Angeles?

Option 2: Culturally Subversive Cities

The class has explored the idea that cities are incubators of different subcultural groups. The set of questions below addresses this broad issue through the case of punk rock in Los Angeles.

  1. What qualities make cities good environments for nourishing subversive cultural groups when compared to a small town? Focus on the general conditions that make cities suitable environments for facilitating such groups.
  2. What are the mechanisms involved in creating a subgroup? How did this play out in giving rise to the early punk rock movement in Los Angeles? Focus on the specific process of making a subversive political group, using the early punk movement as an example.
  3. Describe the mechanisms involved in creating a robust punk movement in the suburbs of Los Angeles. How did punk grow outside the core areas of Los Angeles?

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