Writing literature review

Writing literature review


1- Write literature review on this topic (helping children with autism to succeed at elementary public schools in the US).

2- Review the studies by going from the general to the specific and contrasting the studies or finding similarities among the research studies.

3- This literature review needs to be at least 20 pages long with 20 references.

4- Most of your sources should be of journals, you can use books (no more than 2) and websites (no more than 3).

5- Check how old the research studies can be.

6- Obtain only primary sources if possible. Cite secondary source only if it is extremely hard to obtain primary source.

7- Use encyclopedias and reference on a topic to locate well known researchers. Read their work and cite them. It is always powerful to cite big names (as long as their articles closely relate to the topic you are researching).

8- Use quotes sparingly. If you do, use quotes only when the wording of the citation is extremely important. Keep the quote as short as possible. After the quote indicate in parentheses the page number of the source where the quote can be located.

9- Remember to use the APA style (6th ed.) format when citing your references.



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Answer Preview…………….

Autism in elementary schools has become a prevalent disability and the success of the children with the disorder highly depends on the implementation of systems that support them in their educational and social life. Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) has been described as “a complex, neurologically based, developmental disability that becomes evident in the first three years of life” (Wagner, 2011).m Among children and…………………..

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