Written Assignment on Systems of Representation

Written Assignment on Systems of Representation

Important to know for this course:

Systems of Representation

1. According to a “social constructionist” perspective, we only make meaning of the material world through specific cultural contexts. This takes place in part through the language systems (be they writing, speech, or images) that we use. Hence, the material world only has meaning, and only can be “seen” by us, through these systems of representation. This means that the world is not simply reflected back to us through systems of representation, but that we actually construct the meaning of the material world through these systems (p.12-13).

Sturken, Marita, and Lisa Cartwright. “Practices of Looking:Images, Power, and Politics” in

Practices of Looking: An Introduction to Visual Culture. New York: Oxford University Press,

2009. Print.

2. Class Discussion

DIVERSITY: cultures, opinions identities, genders, educational levels,

ideologies/religions, values/social practices, socio-economic levels, family

structure, able-bodiedness, mental health, language usage

EQUITY: same opportunities, educational accommodations, gender

expectations, ageism

INCLUSION: acceptance, recognition of diversity, tolerance, validation,



1. (We will solve any submission problems you’re having at the beginning of class.)

1. “Techniques of the Body” Marcel Mauss (1934) – p. 1-5 (Numbered 70-74)


Stonewall Uprising : Chapter One

Shown in class

Paris is Burning- the remastered version is available on Netflix

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Answer Preview………………

My first impression of Mauss’s explanation of body techniques made me question if his ideas apply in the present times (Mauss, 1973). This is because his theory dates back in the 1930s. According to Mauss, the human’s body is composed of different techniques. These techniques include the activities human beings do from their childhood to adulthood (Sturken & Lisa, 2009). These activities vary from one culture to another. Some of the activities Mauss lists include climbing, drinking, running, washing, and sleeping (Sturken & Lisa, 2009). He believes human beings obtain these body techniques through training as well as education. He argues that………………

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