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*Written Assignment *
> Must be 100% original, Must pass plagiarism, Must have citations, Must have
> references, Must be in APA format
> *Prepare* a 1,500 words paper (300 words per page) on your perception and
> concept of forensic science in 21st-century criminal justice.
> *Include* a discussion of the following questions:
>    – How important is forensic science to policing and criminal
>    investigations, court processes, and security efforts at various levels?
>    Explain your rationale in a historical approach.
>    – How accurate is the popular media representation of forensic science?
>    How does this influence popular opinion on justice-related issues?
>    – What possible influence does the “CSI” effect have on the judicial
>    process?
> *Format *your paper consistent with APA guidelines.
> three credible references
> use subtitles
> remember my professor is very strict.




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Forensic science refers to a process of applying natural science to law matters. Over the years, forensic science has developed to become an important necessity within the criminal justice world. Prior to the introduction of forensic science, criminal investigators relied upon testimonies and confessions given by the witnesses. In today’s world, forensic science has made it extremely easier for the law enforcement officers gather, analyze, and process data in an efficient and effective method. It is obvious that the development of forensic science has played a great role in preventing criminals from committing similar crimes repeatedly. Despite the fact …

1578 words APA

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