written critique of “The Riot Club (AKA Posh)

The essay assignment for the class will be a written critique of “The Riot Club (AKA Posh) 

You must include the following :

1) Opening statement

2) Synopsis of play plot / story / theme

3) Further explanation of theme

4) Definition of “Satire” and how that style is represented in this play

5) Assessment of production:

a) How the above elements (2,3,4) were realized ( or not) in the production

b) Review of the acting and any standout performances and the performance overall

c) Review of the production elements ( prop, sets, lighting, costumes, direction, sound) and how those elements contributed to the production ( good or bad) 

6) Conclusion 

The paper should be standard university essay form , double space, 12 point basic font,  3 pages in length.

NOTE: The paper will be checked for plagiarism…if you use phrases found on line and do not rework them into your own word you will get an F

 I attached my notes from the play and there is a movie you can see it but becarful hes so picky about using our own words and if you took something site it and give cridets!

Preview of the answer..

Imagine yourself a freshman in university, beginning your enjoy your independence. Everyone loves being independent, nothing is sweet in this world like living in a world that no one is there to look after you or in simple words that no one is there to supervise you. The Riot Club (AKA Posh) s one film that will capture every mind of anyone who watches it simply because it involves two fresher’s ..

APA 929 words 

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