You will be responsible for posting a response to one of the “Think About Its” at the end of the covered chapters.

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You will be responsible for posting a response to one of the “Think About Its” at the end of the covered chapters. You will need to summarize each chapter and generate a critical opinion of your own based on the assigned readings for class discussion. You will also need to make at least one comment on another student’s response.

Please do Chapters 4

Reply this responds: If a national ban were placed on cell phone usage while driving, I would greatly support it. I believe that texting and driving are incredibly dangerous not only to the driver but to the pedestrians and other drivers on the road. I believe we all have a responsibility not just to ourselves but to the other drivers and their families; one look away, one distracted glance can utterly change someone’s life forever. The reality of the situation is that we are currently facing an epidemic in our society, everyone believes they will be fine, that it can’t happen to them, but that’s not a reasonable assumption. It only takes one distracted movement for everything to go haywire; I live in a town where the deer population is very high, I work as a lifeguard in a town 20 minutes away and on my drives home I’ll see their heads sticking up and poking out of the cornfields. Sometimes they jump out in the middle of the road which is incredibly scary because wherever there is one deer, many more are sure to follow. If one were to use their phone while driving this commute and a deer jumped out, they might hit the deer, swerve, or cause a different type of accident. Driving needs focus and although it’s become an everyday thing, it is still a huge responsibility and a very dangerous thing. Decreasing the risk of texting and driving should be a huge priority. There could be an argument that by banning it people will only do it more and it will become more dangerous, but this type of behavior is not one that should be encouraged. I believe that a national ban would work to help solve the texting and driving issue at hand by making people more wary of this dangerous behavior and that it has consequences.


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