You will read a journal article on a topic in special education.

Journal Summary and Reflection

You will read a journal article on a topic in special education. You will write a 2-3 page (double-spaced) summary and reflection of the journal article based on readings and discussions from class as well as your own experience.

You may choose from 4 articles based on your interests. All of them are written for an audience of practitioners (i.e., people who work with children with special needs) and are based on research. If you would like to read and summarize an article that is more “research heavy,” please let me know.

Here are the articles. They are available in the Files Folder. *Hint, you can tell how many pages they are by looking at the last numbers in the citation 🙂

Baldwin, L., Omdal, S. N., & Pereles, D. (2015). Beyond stereotypes: Understanding, recognizing, and working with twice-exceptional learners. Teaching Exceptional Children, 47(4), 216-225.

Ewoldt, K. B. & Morgan, J. J. (2017). Color-coded graphic organizers for teaching writing to students with learning disabilities. Teaching Exceptional Children, 49(3), 175-184.

Rice, M. & Greer, D. (2014). Helping students with disabilities comprehend text in online coursework. Teaching Exceptional Children, 46(5), 93-101.

Wood, C. L., Kisinger, K. W., Brosh, C. R., Fisher, L. B., & Muharib, R. (2018). Stopping behavior before it starts: Antecedent interventions for challenging behavior. Teaching Exceptional Children, 50(6), 356-363.

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