EN101 Nike sweatshops

Please summarize and analyze the reading that you presented in class. Also make connections to ‘Nike: Sweatshops and Business Ethics” that is the video that was shown about the horrific conditions in factories that produce Nike products. Watch another video of your choice or Ted Talk that relates to our topic and make a comparison. Are they similar? What are the messages?
Who or what is to blame? Is it a global issue? What kind of fair policies should be enforced that could benefit both the companies and workers? Make sure you support your views by providing specific examples from your experience, knowledge and readings.
I strongly suggest you watch another video OR a TedTalk about ‘sweatshops’ or any topic that relates to our unit on ‘consumerism’. Take notes and show me your notebook. This will make you more knowledgeable for your next academic paper.

 Topic Question:
Is the consumer or the company more responsible towards the workers and the horrific conditions in place that manufacture the product?
To answer this question meaningfully, you may have to consider the following questions: what is ethical? What would be acceptable humane policies that could benefit companies and workers?
For this paper, please use only our sources for support and ONE ARTICLE from the Healey Library. This is due: April 5th.

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