Episode 1: The Difference Between US

Episode 1: The Difference Between US*

Transcript Source: http://www.pbs.org/race/OOO __ General/OOO_OO-Home.htm


  • Look around the room. Who do you thinkis likely to be most similar to you,
    biologically or genetically? Why?


  1. What is the difference between a biological and a social view of race?
  2. Excluding your immediate family members, are you more likely to be genetically like
    someone who looks like you or s_omeone who does not?
  3. . Why is it impossible to use biological characteristics to sort people into consistent races?

Note: Review some of the concepts such as “non-concordance” and “within-group vs. between group

  1. Who has benefitted from the belief that we can sort people according to race and that
    there are natural or biologically based differences between racial groups? Explain
  2. Besides race, what other things explain why some people might be more susceptible than
    others to disease? Think about the girl in the film with sickle cell anemia. How is
    ancestry different from race?


  1. Briefly define what is meant by “Race the Power of an Illusion” ?

(Important: integrate your racial identity development readings into your answer)

.        .

  • In your Blackboard response to the video make sure you integrate the
    reading: “Scientific and Folk Ideas About Heredity by Marks -see “Race the Power of
    Illusion: http://www.pbs.org!race/OOOAbout/00204-background-01.htm
  • Remember follow proper citation guidelines: and cite the video when
    . necessary

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