evolution of abnormal psychology

Please labell the questions with the titles

Discussion 1 – Answer in 100-150 Words

Examine the evolution of abnormal psychology as a science.

Discussion 2 – Answer in 100-150 Words

Identify the different theoretical models related to the development and treatment of psychopathology.

Discussion 3 – Answer in 100-150 Words

Explain the goals of clinical assessment and diagnosis.

Discussion 4 – Answer in 100-150 Words

Answer the following question and discuss:

Discussion 5 & 6 – Answer in 100-150 Words

Mental illness has been the focal point of many major motion pictures including    One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest    and    A Beautiful Mind   . To further our discussion of how mental illness is portrayed by the media, I would like for each one of you to select a major motion picture concerning mental illness and discuss whether or not it accurately portrays mental illness. Please try not to duplicate movies other student’s have posted about. Please post your response to this thread.

(Do the movie Momento, and talk about anterograde amnesia) and then do the movie I am Sam, and talk about agoraphobia) Each should be 100-150 words.

Discussion 7 – Answer in 100-150 Words

Answer the following question and discuss:

How do you define normal and abnormal behavior? What factors influence your definitions? Why?

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