Final Response Paper

Completing the

This response paper requires you to write a full, formal essay.  In your essay, you will answer this question:

Which was more important for Douglass, being freed from slavery or learning to read? 

Your paper will have five paragraphs:

In the first paragraph, you will introduce your reader to the topic. You could discuss slavery during the era of the Cotton Kingdom.  You could discuss the relationship between slaveowners and slaves, white men and women and black men and women.  Minimum length for this paragraph should be five sentences.

In your second paragraph, you should explain why slavery was important in American society in the 1830s.  It must also begin with a topic sentence that explains the role of slavery in creating distinctions among people in American society, and why reading and education were important in maintaining these distinctions.  Minimum length: four sentences.

In your third and fourth paragraphs, you will answer the question.  These two paragraphs should be at least five sentences in length each and begin with a topic sentence that, not only summarizes the point of the paragraph, but also ties the paragraph back to the thesis statement.  They should also use the evidence sandwich technique to tie the specifics from Chapter 6 of the Douglass Narrative.

On this essay, you also will include a concluding paragraph that does more than restate all of your previous points.  It should show your reader the connection between the points you made and the significance of slavery and education in shaping social relations in American before the Civil War.  Try not to be repetitive.  This paragraph must be four or more sentences in length and begin with a topic sentence.

Your paper must be typed, double-spaced, with your name at the top of the first page.  It must be written entirely in your own words. If you quote from the book put the page number in parentheses.

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