How to write a strong introduction for a research paper

How to write a strong introduction for a research paper

How to Write a Strong Introduction

When writing a research paper, knowing to write a strong introduction is the first section that will get the reader to know what the whole paper is all about. The introduction establishes the agenda and significance of the research paper. Thus, how an individual writes and presents the introduction part is critical for the success of the research paper. The first thing to consider when writing an introduction is the first hook or sentence of the introduction. A striking opening hook will tell the reader what the topic is and why it is essential. A hook could be data, a question, or a strong statement that gets the reader to want to read more about the paper.

The second factor to consider when writing an introduction is background information. The background information will depend on the type of paper one is writing. It entails relevant information about the topic of research, and usually it involves problem description or historical background about the topic. As a writer, background information is essential to help readers understand more about the topic and why it is interesting. The background information should also provide relevant literature regarding the topic in a general view point. This literature lays the foundation of the key research problem.

The third, and most crucial part of the introduction is the thesis statement. A provable and specific thesis statement is essential to enable the readers to continue reading the paper. A thesis statement is a sentence that describes what the writer will achieve by writing the research. It acts as a point of view or one’s opinion about the paper and it helps to guide one to write the research. A thesis statement sets the stage regarding how one will write their research paper, thus it should be clear and concise.

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