Identify a health goal

This portion of the assignment has three components (see below). Your product should be a typed paper – 1-2 pages, double-spaced, no more than 12pt font, with normal margins.

1) Identify a health goal (e.g., feel better about your body, cope with stress more effectively, etc.) that you would like to set for yourself this semester. This goal can be related to any aspect of health (physical, social, mental, spiritual, occupational, etc.) but should be something that you do not mind sharing with the instructor and the class. Describe what aspect of health this goal addresses and why reaching this goal is important to you.

2) Using the socio-ecological approach, identify and explain the factors that influence this aspect of your health. The socio-ecological approach (also called the ecological perspective) examines how physical, social, political, economic, and cultural dimensions influence behaviors and conditions. This approach emphasizes interactions between, and the interdependence of factors within and across all levels (physical, social, cultural) of a health problem. For example, individuals influence and are influenced by their families, schools, communities, and society in which they live. Provide at least two examples of determinants (e.g., biology/genetics, individual behavior, social and physical environment, health services and health disparities, and/or policy making) at the individual, interpersonal, and organization/community/policy level that influence this area of your health. In addition, note how the determinants influence one another in your life.

3) Brainstorm and explain at least three activities in which you could engage to reach your goal. For example, if weight loss is your goal, you might focus on your own personal behavior (e.g., walking), or, you might focus on relationships in your life that either encourage or discourage healthy eating.

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