Individual Written Assignment

Individual Written Assignment

A firm’s performance is a function of its industry attractiveness as well as its competitive advantage with respect to other firms in the industry.

 Each one of you should select and analyze an industry, and a firm in that industry (Do not select industries and firms that are identified for case discussion in class).

 In your response, please

1. Assess industry’s attractiveness (particularly your assessment of each/required force(s) in Porter’s 5 forces framework).

2. Explain rationale behind firm’s performance relative to average performance in the industry.

3. Highlight linkages between industry attractiveness and firm’s strategy.

4. Use evidence to support your arguments, and conclude overall assessment of firm’s relative position, and its strategic challenge.

5. Provide one recommendation to top management and offer justification for the same. Your papers will also be graded for the flow of your thoughts, writing style and overall writing.

 Clearly identify three areas— (i) Industry Analysis (worth 4.5 points), (ii) Analysis of Firm’s relative position (worth 4.5 points), and (iii) A strategic challenge and a recommendation (worth 1 point).

 Individual written assignment should be maximum of 2 pages of text (double spaced, 12 Times New Roman fonts, 1” margins all around). You are encouraged to use exhibits. You can use up to additional 3 pages for exhibits. Cover sheet and Exhibits will not be counted toward 2 pages of text.

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