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Bronsen acquired a biblical manuscript in 1955.  In 1962, he told his sister Lila that he wanted Oklahoma A&M University to have this manuscript.  He dictated a note so stating and placed it with the manuscript.  He made some effort to have an officer of the college come for the manuscript.  In 1966, he delivered the manuscript to his sister, stating that he was afraid someone would steal it.  Later in the year, he told a third person that he was going to give the manuscript to the university.  In 1967, Bronsen was declared incompetent.  In 1969, his sister delivered the manuscript to the university.  In April 1970, Bronsen died, and his heirs sued the officers of the university to have title to the manuscript determined.  Decide if title passed from Bronsen to the university.  150 words

While he was still single, Ricardo opened a savings account with his mother, Angelina. The signature card they signed stated that the account was owned by them as joint tenants with the right of survivorship. No statement as to survivorship was made on the savings account passbook. Ricardo later married Margo. On Ricardo’s death, Margo claimed a share of the $58,000 account on the ground that there was no survivorship because the passbook did not mention it and because Ricardo had withdrawn substantial amounts from the account during his life. Decide who has the right to the money in the account.  150 words

Mangini, who owned a diamond ring valued at $5,400, took the ring to Hansen’s, Inc. to sell it for him.  Hansen placed the ring in the window display of her store.  There was no guard or grating across the opening of the window inside her store.  There was a partitioned door that was left unlocked.  On two former occasions Hansen’s store had been robbed. Several weeks after Mangini left his ring at the store, armed men robbed the store and took several rings from the store window, including Mangini’s ring.  Mangini sued Hansen, who defended on the ground that she was not liable for the actions of the robbers.  Decide. 150 words

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