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Hi, I have two question I need help with, answer only in 250 words.

  1. Suppose you have a friend (Jack) who has been involved in a dispute with a landlord. Jack wants to discuss the case with you to determine the rights that are available to renters. He believes the tenant has no duties to the landlord. Write an email to your friend Jack explaining in laymen’s terms some of the duties each party has, based on the specifics discussed in Chapter 29. Be sure to maintain a friendly and knowledgeable tone throughout.
  2. You are a new PR intern at Apple. Apple is donating 200 iPads to a local inner-city school to promote technology in education. As a PR intern, you need to get the word out about this event. In your discussion post, compose a tweet (a tweet is 140 characters or less) and a Facebook post (200-250 words) creating awareness for the event.

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